And finally …

Apr 15, 2006 § 4 Comments

After several months of determined procrastination, finally I resolved to set up a Personal blog this week. While, this clearly shows I am not one of those Alpha geeks, who is always out to try the latest and the coolest; I am not a laggard either. Geoffrey Moore and other high tech Marketeers would perhaps put me in the “Pragmatists” bucket. Pragmatists often want to be convinced if a new technology can help them do things faster, better and cheaper and are often the bulk of any market. Well, I am not sure if I am a complete pragmatist either. So, let me put it this way – I am perhaps a Technology lover at heart and a Pragmatist by brain. Good luck to marketers who have to figure the behavior of hybrid consumers like me 🙂

So, let me start out by telling you about the internal dialogue I was going though and what eventually led me to set up my blog.

As an avid reader of several blogs for the past few years, I am certainly quite impressed with how blogs simplified publishing on the Web and helped millions of people to have a voice on the Web, connect with the Community and have made significant impact in the fields of Technology, Journalism and Politics. Blogs have enabled an era of interactive communications over the Web for the masses through comments, track backs etc.,

Some of my early adopter friends had jumped into the blogging bandwagon several years back and they had quit soon after their initial enthusiasm fizzled away saying … “Keeping your personal blog current is always a big pain”… “Blogging is all about self promotion …It’s all about MEME” …”I can’t find things interesting enough to post on my blog” …and the list goes on.

But some thing interesting I discovered recently. Email maniacs like me are constantly punching on the key boards several hours a day to communicate at a break neck speed with people at work and friends and family. Thanks to Parkinson – “Work always expands to occupy the time”. So, keeping in touch with every one at all time is a loosing game and I am hopelessly hopeless at it 🙂 (My friend KK invented this term …I will talk about him in one of the later posts!!!). Also, when I come across some thing interesting – like most of you I like to forward and share with friends. Sure, that’s a lot of email both for me and my friends. But then this just doesn’t happen once!!! When I realize a few weeks or months later that I missed out sharing with a bunch of others or some new friends crop up who might find this interesting …I am again searching my email and forwarding. This whole process is certainly quite cumbersome.

Last week, when I forwarded an email on an interesting issue (rather burning issue!!!) to my friends list …I got mails back from more than half a dozen of them saying what are you up to these days and haven’t heard from you in awhile?? Well, I did dutifully reply back to most of them.

During this process, I just realized …things would have been much easier and simpler to update all my friends about what I have been up to lately (coming soon!!!) …if I maintained a blog. So, that’s how I ended up here on the blogosphere.

Blogs are effective not only in one to many communications, interestingly even in one to one communications. I hear that most of today’s teenagers and college goers in the US prefer to communicate with their friends using blogs on My Space or Facebook than email. So, if you have been still sitting on the fence about whether to blog or not – Just stop thinking. Get started right NOW.

You can start blogging for Free at several sites like blogger, live journal, word press etc. Word press is open source and is getting quite popular these days and is one of my favorites (that’s where this blog is currently hosted). You can find more information about setting up a blog at:

As I continue my journey on the blogosphere, I will certainly try and keep you all updated about me, my thoughts, ideas, passion and pursuits. Please be generous with your comments and feedback …that’s the only way I can improve.


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