TiEcon 2006 Update

May 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

I attended TiEcon 2006 held at Santa Clara on May 12-13. TiEcon is the World’s largest Entrepreneurs Conference. Over 3000 delegates attended the Conference this year and the theme was “Disruption and Convergence – Entrepreneurship Unlimited”.

TiEcon 2006 featured several distinguished speakers and panels covering a variety of topics in depth and breadth. I attended the Keynote speeches by Shashi Tharoor (UN – Under Secretary General), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California) and David Lynch (Hollywood Producer).

Shashi Tharoor spoke about Disruption and Convergence in the Global Political Scenario. Shashi emphasized that the primary reason for terrorism today is the fear induced by lack of awareness. He was quite up beat about the role technology can play to improve the situation. He urged the entrepreneurs to work on delivering technologies at the bottom of the pyramid to bridge the digital divide. In this context he mentioned about Nicholas Negroponte’s initiative at MIT to deliver a $ 100 lap top.

John Doerr, the World’s most famous Venture Capitalist was interviewed on the stage by Michael Malone, an ABS News Columnist and a Silicon Valley Veteran. I was very impressed with John’s Social focus in the areas of Education, Social Entrepreneurship/ Micro credit, Pandemic Flu Prevention and Green Tech. He presented some interesting pics forecasting what Global Warming could lead to …Gosh!!! There were very few areas in Bay area and Mumbai I could spot above the water in those Pics. John urged Entrepreneurs to really focus on areas that they can make an impact on the Society and solve some Global problems than building yet another inconsequential Enterprise Software Company. He emphasized on the need for Innovation in the Clean/ Green Tech areas relating to Energy, Drinking Water etc., John pointed out that while about 5% of the World’s Population lives in the US; US accounts for over 25% of the Global Energy Consumption. If developing nations like China and India were to start consuming Energy in a similar fashion, the planet would be at the brink of a disaster. He spoke about the inspiring work by Muhammad Yunus in the areas of Micro credit. John also quoted Tom Friedman extensively. One of the quotes I really liked was that the Solution for Global Terrorism will most likely originate from Silicon Valley (than Washington DC), when entrepreneurs come up with a technology that would reduce the demand for Gasoline globally and bring down the prices to $18 per barrel …Well, I said to my self …Long live Innovation …Long Live Silicon Valley 🙂 …

Arnold Schwarzenegger enthralled the audience with his electrifying presence and spoke about making California the World’s preferred destination for entrepreneurs. While I often heard a lot about the “Great American Dream” – Perhaps, here was a live example. Arnold spoke about his story from being a Teenager in Austria to a World’s Body Building Champion, Successful Realtor in LA to the best paid actor in Hollywood and to top it all becoming the Governor of California, the Fifth Largest Economy in the World …all this in a single life time and that too being an Immigrant!!!! Isn’t that very inspiring? Arnold said this is only possible in California!!! I was impressed with his Passion and understanding about the current situation in California and what’s needed. Arnold spoke about he turned around the Debt situation in California; how he would like to improve the Infrastructure (like Roads etc., which is currently under capacity) to gear up for the Population growth. Some thing interesting he pointed out was currently we can not unload the Cargo fast enough at the Ports in California because that would increase the traffic and block all the roads 🙂 …He emphasized a lot on the value of Education and improving the Education Infrastructure in California. He also spoke about his mission and travel plans to Market California to the Global business community.

Some of the Panel discussions I attended and liked are:

Guy Kawasaki mesmerized the audience with his presentation “The Art of the Start”, even though he over ran the allotted time. The concluding Keynote was by David Lynch, who spoke very passionately about the power of meditation and its practical value in daily life. The panel touched up on several areas relating to Creativity, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Neuro-Physiology and Psychology and the connection with the ancient Indian Vedic Sciences. My take away from David’s speech that will stay with me for ever: “If you keep searching for Happiness around; you’ll never find it in any place – because Happiness is not in any place, it is inside you. Meditation is that technique which helps you discover the bliss with in”. Thank You David for such an enlightening and passionate speech.



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