An Inconvenient Truth

Nov 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

Over 13 years back, I remember a debate that I had participated in, back at school on a topic that had some thing about whether the world was getting better or worse. I had spoken way too much about Global Warming back then. I remember I had spoken of a situation where some of the Polar Ice caps could melt and the water level could rise up and there was a possibility that some day the room in which the debate was being held could be submerged under water. One of the opponents had come up with an argument that Global Warming wasn’t true at all and there was enough data pointing against it. Well, even though I spoke with a lot of passion, I didn’t have much data back then to substantiate my claims. Of course, I had lost the debate back then …never mind!!!Al Gore did a fantastic Job exposing this inconvenient truth.

It’s quite alarming to see where we are taking this planet. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, go ahead and rent a DVD and watch it soon. Each one of us knowingly or unknowingly is contributing to the Global Warming. And yes …if the Scientists are right we just have 10yrs to avert the imminent danger and destruction ahead of us.

There is so much that we can all do to save the planet and make it a better place. Check out this link to see what difference you can make: Let’s start acting on it right now!!!!


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