About Me

I am an entrepreneur who is making a small contribution towards solving world’s big problems.

Check out my detailed profile at Linked In.

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/delip


§ 4 Responses to About Me

  • Charles DaSilva says:

    This is Charlie From Euclid, I am glad to see that you have started another business.
    If you are looking for a dependable guy to help out around the office you can email me at charlesmdasilva@yahoo.com, or give me a call on my cell phone 408 674-0080.
    Tell your brothers i said Hi, and i wish you much success on your ventures.
    Charlie DaSilva 11-29-07

  • Deep Sharma says:

    Do u know Mr. Gandhi or Mr. Rajinder Pal at ODIN
    Computers ???

  • Kishore Prakash says:

    Hi Delip,

    Can I talk with you briefly about your experience towards entrepreneurship.

    If you can spare few minutes, it would help me towards that goal.

    Kishore Prakash
    425-445-7181 [ Redmond, USA]

  • Jayant Wagh says:


    Are you from Pune ,MH,India ? I think I have given introduction about my company.

    Remember ?

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